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KSuse BulleTTime

Bullet time software for professional multi-camera studios

With it, you can easily create stunning video in the style of "Matrix", using all the capabilities of your cameras.

Bullet time

Key features

  • Easy interface

  • Russian \ English \ Portuguese \ German interface

  • Ability to add your own interface language

  • Fast and accurate calibration based on LEDs or color markers

  • 8 seconds from push button to the finished video (18 cameras) *

  • Processing queue (the next snapshot can be made without waiting for the end of processing the previous frame)

  • Shooting modes: freeze, boomerang, video + bullet - with the ability to adjust the speed

  • The result of shooting in mp4 and / or gif

  • Supports trigger and usb triggering

  • Shown preview and indication of operations on the second monitor

  • Built-in gallery for viewing and sending video to mail

  • The ability to use the gallery from any device connected to the same local network

  • Ability to smooth and slow down video by creating virtual intermediate angles using artificial intelligence

  • The ability to remove the background using artificial intelligence
    * Depending on the selected mode

Branding of video

  • Changing the aspect ratio, frame size, video quality, cropping

  • Graphics overlay

  • Automatic rotation of logos

  • Direct import of 3D models and their automatic rotation

  • Work with chromakey, background substitution

  • Fast switching between several presets

  • Sound overlay capability

  • Adding Intro Video

Additional features

  • Support for sending to email via mail server or Sendgrid service

  • Submission queue (to prevent marking as spam and re-sending in case of errors / lack of Internet)

  • Uploading videos to the site via FTP

  • Support for shooting in RAW format

  • Preservation of the order of cameras on several installations

  • Ability to shoot at once with two presets (for sending and for postprocessing)

Changelog (2024-05-23)
. Restored the ability to synchronize AI in Windows 10
! AI sync speed is slower than previous version (2024-05-18)
- There were possible problems with the DzenTech trigger (2024-04-25)
- Live View may not have worked
. AI module synchronization has been significantly accelerated (2024-04-16)
.  .NET 6 -> .NET 8
+ New AI (you need to resynchronize the module)
. The option to create Slow Motion video has been moved from general settings to preset settings
! AI video is RMBG, or SM, or SM+RMBG, depending on the preset settings
+ Added stronger slow motion: 2fps, 3fps
! It is imperative to save the preset when changing AI mode, since different modes use different sequences
! There may still be errors in post-processing, for example, if you create an AI video with a preset that does not have AI options (2024-01-21)
- Exchange with Esper Triggerbox trigger could freeze the interface
+ Added drop-down lists for selecting dates in the date filter of the email database (2023-12-04)
. SSL certificate checking is disabled (2023-10-17)
- Crash when connection with Esper Triggerbox is lost (2023-10-03)
- The "Live View is turned on" status might not be displayed
. The column "Downloaded, %" has been removed from the list of cameras in the sorting (2023-07-31)
- There was a crash when reconnecting cameras after the expiration of waiting for photos taken with the DzenTech trigger (one of the cameras if it did not work) (2023-07-22)
- Image shift buttons in Zoom mode in Live View might not work (2023-07-08)
+ At 00:00, the second date in the time filter in the email database is automatically incremented (2023-07-06)
+ Ability to limit the number of printouts from the web gallery (2023-07-02)
- With high fps and a short video in "video + bullet" the second flash could get stuck until the end of the bullet
+ When using a transparent transition color, the flash in "video+bullet" is disabled
! The alpha value of the transition color is ignored, all translucent colors are set to opaque (2023-06-30)
- AI processing queue could stop (bug since version
- When using a separate preset for a photo, AI did not start (bug since version (2023-06-29)
- Crash when trying to change the number of cameras in branding when 0 cameras are saved in the program settings
+ Added support for the EOS R100 (2023-06-11)
- AI might not work after sync
+ Automatic deletion of empty subfolders in the AI module (2023-06-04)
- Originals might not be loaded during calibration
. The "Sync AI" button no longer appears if there is no connection to the server (2023-05-13)
- When upgrading from version 3.5, the image was upside down by default
- The drop-down menu in the codec settings might not be displayed (2023-05-11)
. SM AI video required to send mail is moved to the top of the processing queue
. The calibration algorithm has been refined (2023-05-01)
- Global hotkeys did not work from version
- The number of cameras in the "Index of camcorder / central camera" list was not updated when saving the new number of cameras in sorting
until the program was restarted
- In "video+bullet" mode, branding from the wrong angle was superimposed on the video in the AI
- The photo preset was not used when creating a video from post-processing in the mode of adding a new video
- The search for copies of the program on the network did not work if there was more than one network connection on the same subnet
- From post-processing "video+bullet" was recreated as a simple bullet if "video+bullet" mode was not selected for the current shooting
- When switching the shooting mode from "video+bullet" to "freeze" or "boomerang", the AI video of previous shots that had not been generated before was created as a simple bullet
. The minimum number of cameras for "Video+bullet" and "Video+bullet+video" modes is 3
. Now the program works in one window (camera clients are hidden)
. Accelerated creation of regular video
. Accelerated connection of cameras at the start of the program
. Almost perfect synchronization of the central camera when syncing to usb in the "Video+bullet" mode
. Improved usb sync
+ Automatic rotation when printing (taking into account the orientation of the paper in the printer)
! No automatic image rotation from cameras
! It is only possible to re-create a "video+bullet" with the same preset that was used when shooting (2023-04-18)
+ Added line wrapping in the log window for readability (2023-04-17)
- Background status for RB AI is not visible in the dzentech theme
. Vertical menu changed to horizontal (2023-02-14)
- The program did not start after an unsuccessful calibration (bug since version 3.4) (2023-02-09)
- The "Clear AI Queue" button did not delete old videos from the database (2023-01-10)
+ Ability to turn the final video (2023-01-03)
+ Ability to enable global PgUp hotkey
! Fast and long presses do not work in this mode. Shooting in Bulb mode is not possible. (2022-12-25)
- AI video creation task was not created from post-processing if 5 previous attempts ended in failure
- Recreating a video could fail with "ffmpeg : Permission denied" if the video was opened in a player
+ When restarting BT, the counter of attempts to create AI video is reset (2022-12-25)
- After deleting video files from results folders, there was an endless "media error on GW" error in the "Carousel" window (2022-12-17)
- Could not connect more than 20 cameras (2022-12-08)
- There was a crash when pressing the AF button if no camera was selected
- "Show video controls (web)" setting was not applied to web gallery
. The "Like" icon in the web gallery is always green
. The "Add email" field is cleared after adding an address
. Video playback on iOS starts significantly faster
+ AF button while holding down the Shift key starts autofocus simultaneously on all cameras
+ In the Web settings, you can choose to display icons or text (2022-12-07)
- If the file specified in the video overlay was missing, no error message was added to the log
. Autofocus now works all the time while the AF button is pressed (2022-10-28)
+ Ability to change camera orientation (manual rotation) (2022-10-01)
- Crash if the source of the frame used as a clean background in RB AI is deleted
- Option "Invert hotkeys (PgUp, PgDn)" changed behavior of hotkeys: Space, C, V
- The source save queue was broken when a broken file arrived (2022-09-03)
- If the trigger failed, there could be a failure in the numbering of the sources
- In the absence of a source for creating a photo, the queue for creating AI video was stopped
- The web gallery could slow down while waiting for the shot to be processed
. Returned linear exposure compensation (2022-08-27)
- Possible crash if no configuration used by RB AI (2022-08-26)
- It was not possible to take a shot of the background if background removal was turned off in the preset
- There were problems with saving a shot of the background when changing the number of cameras
- The gallery might not open with the American date format in the regional settings of Windows
- The interface froze when adding a large number of shots to post-processing
. The dates associated with the license are displayed in the format dd MMMM yyyy (for example, 08 August 2022)
. Post-Processing reorganization
+ The queue for saving sources is isolated from camera clients and is not reset when reconnecting to cameras (2022-08-12)
- After restarting with the web server turned off, the web server can no longer be turned back on
. Restored compatibility with Canon 200D (Rebel SL2) (didn't work since version (2022-08-08)
. Reduced time to create a regular video
. Synchronization via usb is almost as accurate as synchronization using a trigger
! Be sure to use the half-press for at least 2 seconds before taking a shot (2022-08-06)
- The speed of adding videos to the gallery slowed down as the number of shots increased
. The program no longer blocks Live View on cameras (2022-08-03)
- When using an additional mask when removing the background, it was possible to freeze part of the video at the time of rotation (2022-08-02)
- Additional mask did not completely remove objects when removing the background (2022-08-02)
- When changing the version of SM AI, the background process was not automatically restarted
- When creating a scene photo, the selected color was not applied to fill empty areas
- Could spontaneously start automatic printing (bug since version
- A message about creating a video was displayed in the log, although the ffmpeg process ended with an error
. Send email does not attempt to create SM AI video if more than 5 failed attempts occur
+ Email is no longer sent if the attachment is broken (file size is 0 bytes)
+ Ability to make everything transparent outside of the viewport rectangle when using background removal
+ When saving a preset, the graphics overlay is regenerated only when layer parameters or cropping are changed
+ In post-processing, you can create a video with the preservation of the preset used when shooting
! Old presets for use in this version must be resaved (2022-07-29)
- Incorrect queuing of RB AI processing from post-processing was possible
- SM AI was not always auto-launched after RB AI in post when using "Make AI Video" button in "Add New Video" mode
- RB AI video was displayed on the screen immediately after being ready, even if there was already the next shot
- Web gallery preview was not updated automatically after creating RB AI video
. Updated sample script files for internet gallery
+ Ability to upload RB AI video to internet gallery
! A separate photo preset is not yet compatible with RB AI
! Printing is not yet compatible with RB AI
! If you are using background removal and multiple shooting presets, they should have identical framing (2022-07-25)
+ Background generator (2022-07-23)
- When saving a template with an empty text of the html version of email, it could not be empty, but consist of empty lines
. It is no longer necessary to fill out both versions of the text of the email
. Now html emails are always delivered in html format
+ The RB AI queue is saved to the database, which allows processing to continue after the program is restarted
+ Ability to clear the RB AI queue
+ Added "Send RB AI mp4" option to email template
+ For each shot, it is saved which reference background should be used for RB AI
+ RB AI video is saved to a separate folder instead of overwriting regular video
! Before upgrading to this version, you need to make sure that there are no unsent messages in the queue (2022-07-18)
- After restarting the program, the calibration might not be restored on some cameras before reconnecting to the cameras
+ Hotkey to take a shot of the background
+ New post-processing functionality
! Mandatory AI synchronization (2022-07-16) Beta
+ Ability to change the index of the central camera when the cameras are disconnected
+ SM AI is no longer unloaded from memory, which speeded up its work
+ Automatic switching of SM AI from GPU to CPU in case of an error related to insufficient VRAM (2022-07-13) Beta
- When changing the preset in post-processing, when choosing to create an AI video with the replacement of the old video, the re-render was not performed
- The password for synchronization with the Internet gallery was not saved
+ Ability to view passwords in the Internet gallery preset
! You need to re-enter the settings of the Internet gallery
. Removed classic chromakey filter
+ AI for background removal
! "Video+bullet" and "Video+bullet+video" modes are not compatible with background removal (2022-07-08)
- The "Type of video in the web gallery" setting did not work at the time of AI video creation (bug in version
. Now html emails are always delivered in html format
+ Ability to automatically restore calibration (2022-07-02)
- AI video creation failure caused normal video creation queue to be cleared
- Fixed some bugs when creating files for AI video
- Sometimes there was an error accessing the mp4 file, due to which the program had to create the AI video again
- The indicator of the number of AI videos in the processing queue was not updated after pressing the clear queue button until the current AI video was processed (2022-06-29)
. Blocked the ability to delete AI files by the second check thread when syncing AI
. Removed option "Use an extra thread of AI" (2022-06-29)
- After restarting the program, sometimes the overlay could not be loaded in all cameras
- Unsharp filter was not compatible with chroma key
. Switch design changed
+ Added low RAM indicator
+ Support for alpha channel when working with AI
! Only AI v5 is compatible with alpha channel
! Video+bullet not compatible with alpha channel
! 3.4 saves even more data in the intermediate cache, it is recommended to clear the cache and sources before a new event (2022-06-10)
- mov file error "ffmpeg: "Referenced QT chapter track not found"" stopped further processing
+ Hotkeys for recording mouse coordinates during manual calibration (2022-06-09)
. In the built-in gallery, the regular video is replaced with an AI video as soon as the AI video is ready (2022-06-01)
+ Retrying to create a photo with a photo preset in case of an error
+ Ability to change the port number of the embedded web server
+ Ability to view the password of the mailbox (2022-05-12)
- After restarting the program, the parameters "Sender's email address (for SendGrid)" and "Sender's name (for SendGrid)" were not restored
- When starting the program, shooting parameters (AV, TV, ISO, WB, PS, Q) might not be synchronized between cameras
. .NET Framework 4.8 -> .NET 6
. Program settings have been moved from %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\\BulleTTime to %programdata%\\BulleTTime
. Improved image interpolation quality
+ Ability to check Sendgrid settings
+ New exposure compensation algorithm
+ Ability to create a photo from the central camera with a different preset
+ Added 6fps value
! Settings changed in this version will not be read by previous versions
! Need to replace Sendgrid API key
! If a separate profile is used to create a photo, then image correction options (brightness, contrast, saturation, curves, RGB) are not applied to photo processing
! Image correction options (brightness, contrast, saturation, curves, RGB) are not applied for photo processing when printing (22/04/2022)
- "Video+bullet+video" mode did not work if image correction was applied (brightness, contrast, unsharp, levels) (from version
. "Index of camcorder / center camera" setting moved to "MAIN"-"SHOOTING"
. Removed "Starting time in the gallery" parameter
+ Video recording duration limiter in "video+bullet" mode (23/03/2022)
+ Compatibility with dynamic lists of license servers (19/02/2022)
- Incorrect appearance of a button to start AI synchronization when the previous synchronization has not yet completed (14/02/2022)
+ Verification of checksums of AI files after synchronization (31/12/2021)
- In the calibration, the incorrect display of the frame when the cameras are vertical (bug since (26/12/2021)
+ In sorting, cameras are dragged while holding down the shift key
+ Ability to resend all emails (15/12/2021)
- Crop was not taken into account when printing (06/12/2021)
- Out of Memory when shooting in RAW
- Sources did not contain EXIF information
! Shooting in RAW is not possible, if you need to keep RAW use the RAW+L mode (28/11/2021)
- The video list in the carousel was not updated when the video was hidden from the gallery
- When hiding a video from the gallery, it remained in the queue for AI video creation (17/11/2021)
- Crash in branding when viewing cameras with indexes is higher than the number of real cameras (bug since (13/11/2021)
- At 00:00 the license disappeared until the program was restarted (03/11/2021)
+ Ability to render photos for printing from post-processing (30/10/2021)
- Automatic printing did not work
- Incorrect cropping in print preset
- For AI video created on demand from the mail queue, the parameters from the preset selected in the branding were used instead of the parameters from the active preset
- Incorrect application of the background image when removing the chroma key
- Video was not created if the acv file was selected in the preset, and the rest of the color correction parameters are equal to 0
+ Ability to change the opacity of the overlay video in the "Color" mode
! Chromakey is still not compatible with "Video + Bullet" and "Video + Bullet + Video" modes
! AI not compatible with chroma key (29/10/2021)
- When using a video overlay, intermediate AI videos may have been sent to email (28/10/2021)
- The appearance of watermarks is possible (bug since version (28/10/2021)
- Crash when creating a video with replacement in post-processing if the replaced video is open in the player
- Video was not overwritten in post-processing if it was created using a preset with an overlay video
- After saving the preset, the color selected for keying was not displayed in the settings of the video layer
- Stopping the AI creation queue in some cases
- In mov, the alpha channel was ignored when blending in "Transparent" mode
. Softer edges in "Color" mode in the video layer
+ Ability to change the blurring of the edges in the "Color" mode in the layer with the video
+ Confirmation of deleting a preset (26/10/2021)
- Crash when clicking in calibration on a camera with an index 1000
+ Possibility of separate export and import of calibration and exposure correction (24/10/2021)
- Error when trying to rewrite the license
- Crash when trying to sync AI without internet
+ Ability to clear AI processing queue (20/10/2021)
- The display of an error about the impossibility of adding a snapshot to post-processing has been eliminated
. Changed auto-rotation and obj rendering algorithms
+ Ability to customize the installation radius, distance between cameras and viewing angle
! Layers with objs from previous BT versions are not compatible (12/10/2021) Beta
. An unlooped sequence is excluded from the settings
. AI generation accelerated by 30%
! Need to sync AI (04/10/2021)
- Progress bar sync did not work
- Intro was added only at the beginning of the video
+ Ability to choose a color in the overlay video that becomes transparent (01/10/2021) Beta
- When creating AI, video previews were created without using RGB correction
- Frame counter incremented while waiting for AI processing
- Errors of reading AI files could appear in the log when sending mail
. In the web gallery, the consent text was displayed without line separators
+ Added scrollbars for consent text in the built-in gallery
+ Added a button to close the consent page in the web gallery
! Gallery link has changed
! By default, the editor opens the html code of the email (21/09/2021)
- When launching the program in the absence of communication with the server, it is possible to delete AI files (19/09/2021) Beta
- Images inserted into the body of the message could not be attached to the HTML letter
+ Ability to change the hue of the video and using RGB correction (17/09/2021) Beta
+ AI compatible with RTX 30 (11/09/2021)
- Automatic queuing of AI video creation from mail sending did not create necessary intermediate files
- The queue of emails to be sent could be sorted out of date
. Retrying attempts to send are applied to emails that were added or changed after the specified start date in the "Database" tab
+ Emails for which the "Send" button was clicked get high priority in the queue (08/09/2021)
- Videos hidden from the gallery were not hidden in the carousel until the page was refreshed
- Reset web gallery video list on BT restart
. Clearing the cache has been significantly accelerated
+ Choice of video type for "last" and "carousel" pages (06/09/2021)
- Long change of boomerang interval on DzenTech trigger when using hotkeys (02/09/2021)
- The chromakey pipette did not work when the cameras were turned off
. Color grading applied to printouts
. The log messages of sending is not displayed in the built-in gallery
+ Alternating attempts to send the oldest and the random letter
! PS curves are not applied to printouts (25/08/2021) Beta
. List of camera indexes for printing is displayed when cameras are disconnected
+ Ability to select a printer for printing
+ Ability to customize layout and print margins
+ Ability to print from web gallery (24/08/2021)
- Error when synchronizing empty service files in AI (18/08/2021)
. Removed value 30 from the FPS list for AI video
. Compatible with future AI update
+ Automatic adding to the processing queue of AI videos that were ordered to be sent from the gallery (26/07/2021)
- Eliminated pauses when rewinding the last video
- The last video was not always updated (web page)
. Removed possibility to use custom FPS
+ Ability to choose different FPS for normal and AI video (25/07/2021)
. Resetting exposure compensation and calibration is done separately
+ Ability to export / import calibration
+ Ability to adjust the exposure evaluation zone (11/07/2021)
- Exposure compensation was not applied to video in Video + Bullet
- Incorrect flash duration in "Video + Bullet" when applying AI
. Increased unsharp effect for video in "Video + Bullet"
+ Adding the "_AI" suffix to the attachment name (08/07/2021)
+ Possibility to adjust exposure (05/07/2021)
- QR code was hidden from galleries after turning off active preset only after restart
- Final videos with video overlay were oversized
+ Removing "about:" from links in html email before sending
! The overlay video must be longer than the final bullet video (22/06/2021)
- Video previews might not be created (15/06/2021)
- Negative brightness and contrast values were not applied to mp4
+ Ability to change saturation
+ Color grading is applied to photos (14/06/2021)
. Reduced data exchange with cameras
+ PS acv (color grading) support
+ Ability to manually set the number of cameras in the settings when the cameras are disconnected
! PS acv only applies to mp4 (11/06/2021)
. Changed ffmpeg settings (10/06/2021)
- The "Make video with AI" button was not displayed in the table in post-processing
. Increased unsharp effect for AI video
+ Setting Av, Tv, ISO, WB, IQ, PS values on all cameras in accordance with the values of the first connected (08/06/2021)
- Settings were not saved until AI is synced (06/06/2021)
- If the connection was lost, attempts to reconnect the client to the camera might not stop
- AI video was not generated if the preset was saved without using virtual cameras
- The video currently playing in the preview could not be recreated in post-processing
- The buttons for changing the shooting mode were blocked with a white indicator
. Reduced waiting time for response from DzenTech trigger
+ Switch between real and virtual cameras in branding
+ Post-processing supports "Video + Bullet" mode
! In post-processing "Video + Bullet" you cannot use a preset with a different size of the final video
+ An overlay is superimposed on the video
+ AI version selection
+ Button to start creating AI video for the last shot
! It is recommended to uninstall the previous BT version before installing (28/05/2021)
- Renamed additional fields in email templates were not saved
- Values of additional fields were not exported to xls (26/05/2021)
- Error of xls export (24/05/2021)
- "undefined" in the database of emails, if no video was selected in the web gallery when sending
- Separators were not visible in trigger settings in dark themes
- The setting "Period of validity (web), seconds" was applied to the carousel
- Carousel showed regular videos when AI video was present
- If there were no videos in the gallery when starting the program, the carousel does not start playing new videos
. Hide video button in built-in gallery hides video without confirmation
+ Ability to enter a phone number with a separate database
+ Ability to disable sending by email
+ New indicator color when lenses focal lengths differ
+ AI v2 (17/05/2021)
- In post-processing, crop margins were applied incorrectly to vertical photos
+ Ability to send emails without attachments
+ Ability to send emails with links to the Internet gallery
+ Button to add email address in web gallery (15/05/2021)
- Crash when scrolling the mouse wheel in the preview window in branding when there are no layers in the preset
- Sessions with cameras may end incorrectly on restart
. Slightly accelerated the launch of camera clients (14/05/2021)
- Crash when clicking on the "Living Mirror" in the absence of cameras
. Correct hiding of the current video when using interactive buttons
+ Prohibition of shooting if at least one of the cameras has number 1000 (13/05/2021)
- Sources of one shot could be saved in different folders
- Incorrect rotation of photos with vertical cameras
- The list of shots in post-processing was not displayed if at least one of the stabilized sources from the zero camera was damaged
+ Buttons for interactive with visitors
+ Unsharp effect (09/05/2021)
+ Full screen preview and carousel adapt to vertical screen (06/05/2021)
- An incomplete AI video was created in post-processing in the old video replacement mode when the cameras turned off
- AI video with overlaid graphics from the original preset was created in post-processing in the old video replacement mode
- "Error on making video : " after the first shot after adding AI video in post-processing in the old video replacement mode
. AI videos are created in the order they are added to the queue (30/04/2021)
. Restored work with Esper Triggerbox trigger (bug 3.0.5) (28/04/2021)
- Camera clients send a maximum of 33 photos
+ Indicator of the number of shots since the queue was reset (27/04/2021)
- Lazy load didn't work in web gallery
. DZEN TECH trigger control changed
+ Table of shots in post-processing
+ Filtering lists in post-processing (22/04/2021)
- Crash if you click on "Update preview" without selecting a camera
- Button "Update preview" did not update the picture
- Error "Error on web request processing: Collection changed, the enumeration operation may not be performed."
. Selecting a folder for the cache
. Reduced traffic volume for DzenTech trigger
+ Retrying AI video creation after error (17/04/2021)
- AI video was not re-created when starting creation from post-processing
- The new values of the fields of the letter template might not be applied until the program was restarted
- There could be several email templates intended to be sent
+ Automatic cleaning of intermediate AI files (16/04/2021)
- Crash if saved settings with AI enabled and missing cameras
- The videos in the gallery was displayed for a maximum of the last 96 hours
- After an error in post-processing with AI, a message appeared about the need to reshoot the frame
- "Clear Cache" button did not clear AI temp folders (16/04/2021)
- Previews were not loaded into the online gallery (13/04/2021)
. AI Slow Motion available in demo version (12/04/2021)
- QR codes were not hidden in the web gallery after turning off their display until the program was restarted
- Loop synchronization of the Internet gallery, if one of the files was changed after adding to the database
- The link to the online gallery was displayed in the web gallery only when the QR code of the gallery was enabled
+ Option "Force AI results to be shown in the Viewer"
+ Ability to select the type of videos displayed in the web gallery
+ Ability to select the types of files uploaded to the internet gallery
+ Ability to select a set of files to send by email
+ New statuses in the database of emails
+ Ability to replace video through post-processing (10/04/2021)
First release of 3.0
. Changed concatenation order for 360 mode
! In the modes "Video + Bullet" and "Video + Bullet + Video" there is no branding on the video (07/04/2021) Beta
- When switching from "Boomerang" to "Video + Bullet" mode, the boomerang settings panel was not hidden
- After switching from "Video + Bullet" mode to "Boomerang" or "Freeze", video creation did not start
. The "Video + Bullet + Video" mode has been restored
. Photos of the scene are placed correctly in branding, when using "AI Slow Motion"
+ Displaying an error when sending from web gallery, unless you select a template for sending
+ Display of the scale near the boomerang setting slider (06/04/2021) Beta
- Option "Add BodyID to filename (sources)" worked mirrored
- Post-processing did not display the list of frames if the option "Add BodyID to file name (sources)" was used
+ Ability to simultaneously display windows with the latest video and carousel (03/04/2021) Beta
- Video not corresponding to the current mode was not displayed in the web gallery (with or without AI)
- Operation of clearing the cache blocked the interface until the end of the procedure
. AI preset can be used for regular videos in post-processing (one for two modes)
+ Ability to process multiple shots at a time in post-processing (02/04/2021) Beta
- In post-processing, the overlay graphics from the active preset were applied, and not from the selected one (01/04/2021) Beta
- The web gallery was not displayed if the template for sending emails was not selected
. The "Video + Bullet" mode has been restored
+ Compatible "Video + Bullet" with AI
+ Possibility of post-processing (29/03/2021) Beta
. Have accelerated transfer of large files by the built-in web server
. The release delay of the central camera is applied when synchronizing via usb in freeze mode
+ Buttons for quick setting of the release delay of the central camera (27/03/2021) Beta
- The buttons for setting the shooting mode were blocked after taking a photo with the Esper TriggerBox when the half-press was not active
. Correction of exchange with Esper TriggerBox (03/21/2021) Beta
- Stabilized HiRes were not saved (20/03/2021) Beta
- Crash when saving a preset with layers, if it is active
- Buttons for loading AI modules were not displayed (15/03/2021) Beta
+ Presenter and keys PgUp, PgDown work when focus is on the second window
+ New calibration algorithm for color markers
+ Manual calibration and shift correction (12/03/2021) Beta
+ Ability to change the pause before auto-scrolling in the web gallery
+ Ability to select the scrolling step in the web gallery
+ Export of command to add an allow rule to Windows Firewall (06/03/2021) Beta
. Optimized the built-in webserver
. Adjusted webpages styles
. .NET Framework 4.8
+ Compatible with iOS 14.4
+ Ability to display a button to save video on the device in the web gallery (25/02/2021) Beta
- The field with the address of the ftp server restored its value after clearing and saving the settings until the program was restarted
- The option "Insert links to ftp" in email templates was displayed incorrectly
- In the absence of a license, only the first email template was used
- Fps reduction was not applied to gif
- After saving the online gallery preset, the QR code settings were not applied until the program was restarted
- Overlay graphics freezed at missing indexes
- Preview and GIF was created without overlaid graphics
. GIF is created the same size as the video, unless the size of the long side is overridden
+ Active preset for online gallery is now selectable regardless of whether sync is enabled
+ New logging system (01/21/2021) Beta
- Crash when adding the first preset of the Internet gallery
- The first branding preset was not created automatically
- Crash when trying to send an email without an email template to send (15/01/2021) Beta
- Borders in branding could move by pressing Ctrl without pressing the mouse button again
- Graphics might not overlaid
- Incorrect resolution of the overlay graphics, if the resolutions of the selected and active presets were different when saving a preset
+ Ability to test the mailbox settings (15/12/2020) Beta
+ Online gallery (11/12/2020) Beta
. Many fixes
. Faster video generation
. The possibility of two-pass video encoding is excluded
. The possibility of simultaneous shooting with two presets is excluded
. Morphing excluded
+ Online gallery
+ AI Slow Motion
! Need to check video encoding settings
! Overlay graphics when using morph or AI depends on the selected fps! When changing the fps value, you must resave the used preset

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