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KSuse FortuneTeller

Program for receiving predictions

Changelog (2024-04-23) Beta
- The timer for the duration of a button press was triggered by successive presses (their duration was cumulative)
- When automatic printing was enabled, after restarting the program, the first prediction was printed blank
- Video overlay did not restart from the beginning
+ Ability to edit prediction text
+ Ability to display predictions without repetitions
+ Video for scanning and video for results
! Regular video is placed below the controls, video overlay is placed above the controls (2024-04-22) Beta
+ Ability to run an external program for printing/issuing predictions
+ Importing vectors in svg format (2024-04-09) Beta
+ Ability to position texts
+ Ability to change block size with prediction
+ Ability to change the transparency of the prediction block
+ Ability to change button transparency
+ Ability to disable the display of predictions on the screen (For example, you can disable the prediction display, add a video overlay for the prediction, enable a timeout for returning to the home screen equal to the length of this video)
+ Ability to automatically print forecasts (2024-04-08) Beta
- The prediction import window disappeared from the screen when moving focus to the main window
+ Ability to change the vector image of the hand (in XAML format)
+ Ability to change the duration of hand scanning
+ Ability to change hand size (2024-04-06) Beta
- Advertising could appear not only during idle time
+ Ability to add sound
+ Ability to add an image to the prediction (Drag&Drop a file into the prediction row)
. Improved video player performance (2024-04-05) Beta
. Public Beta
! Windows 10-11 x64 only
! Only modern processors (Intel Skylake / AMD Zen3 and newer)


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