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KSuse SuperZoom

Program for creating spectacular pictures with the SuperZoom effect (video)
Fully remote online shooting, guests receive video directly to their phone

Changelog (2024-06-07)
. Removed the first frame without overlay, which was used as a preview by default
+ Ability to choose whether to add a photo from the zoom camera as the first frame (usually used for previews) or not (2024-06-06)
. New protocol for communicating with the server (2024-06-06)
.  .NET 6 -> .NET 8
. Fixed communication with the server (2023-07-22)
. Vertical menu changed to horizontal
. Increased timeout for uploading video to gallery
+ Button to clear queues (2023-07-20)
- After restarting the program, the results could be saved in the default path (2023-07-17)
- There was an incorrect application of pauses (bug since version
+ In the final video, the first frame is a photo from the second camera, which allows you to see this frame as a video preview
+ Displaying the total video length in branding (2023-07-04)
+ Compatibility with dynamic authorization keys
! Previous versions will not work with (2023-06-22)
- Crash when using "wb click" if Live View is in Zoom mode
. Branding did not display camera rotation (black corners were not visible)
+ Display of image rotation angle in calibration
+ 60 fps for video (animation smoothness)
! It is recommended to remove memory cards from cameras
! "wb click" doesn't work if Live View is in Zoom mode (2023-06-21)
- The program did not start on some computers
- Crash when a request for a photo is received, if the camera is turned off (2023-01-30)
- No video was created if the pause after the reverse zoom was more than 0 seconds
- No video was created if the zoom duration was set to 0 seconds
! Do not create videos shorter than 3 seconds, such videos cannot be uploaded to some social networks (2023-01-13)
. Minor changes (2022-12-21) Beta
. First public release (2022-09-19) Beta
. First release

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