©2018-2020, Konstantin Kuyukov

KSuse Sender

Free gallery with to send to email function

Key features

  • Easy interface

  • Russian \ English \ Portuguese \ German interface

  • The ability to use the gallery from any device connected to the same local network

  • Support for sending to email via mail server or Sendgrid service

  • Submission queue (to prevent marking as spam and re-sending in case of errors / lack of Internet)

  • Automatic creation of previews for the gallery from mp4 files

Changelog Beta (10/03/2020)
+ Ability to hide photos and videos from galleries
+ Ability to give visitors the right to hide photos and videos through the web gallery Beta (06/03/2020)
+ Two versions: Free, Pro
+ Ability to use multiple mailboxes (Pro)
+ Branding of photos (Pro)
+ Printing of photos (Pro)
+ Individual hot folders for presets (Pro)
! Version 2.0 is not compatible with 1.x
- If the path to previews is not specified, then they are created in the folder in which the program is installed
- Crash when scrolling through an empty gallery (hot keys Page Up, Page Down)
+ Scrolling the built-in gallery with up and down arrows
+ Another more bigger size of previews in the web gallery
. Removed the ability to connect to the DF server (single gallery)
+ Additional sorting of the preview by name in case of coincidence of the date of change
+ Ability to enable auto-rotation by EXIF
. Correction of themes
+ Video on the pages "last video" and "carousel" is played without controls and pauses when rewinding
+ When saving settings, display selection is recorded
+ Ability to enable the display of controls on the pages "last video" and "carousel"
- Crash when entering the name of a nonexistent disk in the path to the Debug folder
. Correction of dictionaries
. Restored compatibility with Windows 7 x64
- New parameters of additional fields after saving were not applied until reloading or saving the template
- When disabling the display of the additional field, the check mark of the mandatory filling in was not disabled automatically
+ Support of autocomplete in Chrome on Android and Windows
+ Ability to select the type of field with an email address (different virtual keyboards, validation, auto-complete)
+ In the web gallery addresses can be entered separated by space
+ Html5 validation of the email input field
+ Ability to rename additional input fields
+ Ability to make additional input fields required
+ If the consent text is not filled out, then the link is inactive
. Changed the scheme of work with licensing servers
- Limit of 96 hours on the maximum age of photos in the gallery
- Icon "Like" appeared at the message that the user did not consent to the processing of personal data in the web gallery
- The consent checkbox was not reset after sending
+ Ability to automatically erase email address when sending
+ Ability to block autofill
! If you roll back to previous versions, you will have to make the mail settings again
- Does not send several types of attachments in one letter ( -
- .png and .jpeg were not added to the attachments, only .jpg
- Adding extra lines to the database when trying to send to the address with a comma at the end, for example yakon@inbox.ru,
- Only mp4 file names were displayed in the built-in gallery
+ Mixed gallery (For example, only photos without video and vice versa)
! Empty addresses are no longer added to the database
- Case sensitivity ( -
+ Display in the tab "Database" statistics of sending for the selected period
- Freezing interface when generating a large number of previews
+ Additional verification of video files before uploading to the gallery
. Reduced inactivity time in the web gallery from 120 to 60 seconds. If there is no action on the page for more than 60 seconds, then when a new video arrives, it automatically rewinds to it.
+ Ability to hide video in a web gallery after N seconds
+ Ability to set a pause between file detection and processing (to exclude the addition of temporary files)
+ Ability to set the number of video repeats in the web carousel
+ Page with the last video
+ Support mov
! Browsers on most devices only play mov with the h264 codec
- The web gallery did not display gifs
- A plate with previously entered addresses was not hidden when clicking on the "Send" button in the built-in gallery
. The color of the address list and the choice of the template for sending letters in dark themes has been fixed
- Error in the layout of the web gallery
+ Rotate images using EXIF in the built-in gallery and web gallery
. Symbols other than English are displayed correctly in the web gallery in the file name
+ Ability to turn on additional fields for input
+ Ability to make labels on photos from the entered data
+ Buttons for deleting emails
+ Button to delete all emails in the selected interval
+ Ability to change the time interval (in hours) of creating or changing of files to display in the gallery
. Fixed player style in web-carousel
+ Ability to limit the output to the gallery only from a certain date, time
+ Option to enable re-sending messages with the status "Error"
. Mail settings are applied immediately after saving without restarting the program
. Restored re-sending messages with the status "Error"
+ German
- Crash when you try to send when an error in the database
- Crash when incorrectly record in the configuration file
- Crash when exporting the database if the file was locked for writing
- Crash if the temporary file already exists and is locked
. Sending letters with an empty address is also entered into the database for the possibility of further address correction and resending
+ Ability to select the monitor to display the window
+ Saving the full response of the mail server in the database
+ Button to resend all emails in the selected date interval
+ Letter template collection
+ In the database, you can correct email and template number
+ New web gallery
+ Automatic rewind to the last video if there was no user activity for more than 120 seconds
! Do not delete the letter template if there are any letters in the database created with this template that will need to be sent
! It is strongly recommended not to downgrade, as the base format is incompatible with older versions
- When exiting full-screen mode, the window could be larger than the screen resolution
+ Ability to change the width of columns in the "Database" tab


+ Ability to exit full screen mode
+ Ability to enable automatic rewind to the last frame in the gallery
+ Configure timeout smtp session


- Сrash on web socket error


. Increased file transfer stability by web-server
+ Digital signature of exe and msi
+ Active link to download updates


+ Png support
+ Autogenerate previews for photos

- Added languages are not displayed in the interface


- Errors in the database when sending from the interface other than English or Russian
+ Automatic re-sending emails that were sending when the program was turned off


- The send button did not always appear in the web gallery.


. Minor fixes


- Sending a preview instead of a full-size photo in the attachment to the letter
. Type of field to enter email in the web gallery
+ Sending by push key Enter in the built-in and web galleries
! In Firefox, when you select an email address from the drop-down list, the submit button does not appear
! Webgallery not working in Edge

- The program does not start without lang.txt

+ Web carousel

+ Portuguese
+ Ability to add your own interface language
+ Two themes: light and dark

. .NET 4.7 -> 4.7.2
. FFmpeg updated
+ Preventing reproduction of ffmpeg processes in the absence of access rights

- Export / import letter template bug

. Replaced icons in the built-in gallery
+ meta tag to put gallery on iPad in presentation mode

- 16:9 video slides down with full-screen
. Returned text message when sending
+ Check for updates

+ New icons in web gallery
+ Checks before generating preview video blocking by other processes

. Sorting changes
+ Assigning  creation date of video to the preview

. Files that are loaded from the folder are matched by time, in reverse order.
+ Compatible web gallery with spaces in file names

. x86 -> x64
+ Create previews from mp4

- Crash when video is not available
- Crash when re-sending a letter without attachment
- Require admin rights at startup
- Lock files with preview gallery
. Correct display of the video after its creation
+ New design
+ Rewind button to the last photo