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KSuse AITool

This is an intermediary program for processing your photos using AI in KSuse Cloud.

1 coin = 1 USD (without wholesale purchase)

Background removal (one request) - 0.04 coins
Generation from text, Deepfake photo (one request per generation) - 0.14 coins
Fake photo, Funny photo (one request per generation) - 0.32 coins

Per-minute billing - 0.42 coins (no more than two simultaneous requests)

man in Christmas style, beautiful cityscape, decorated Christmas tree
woman in Christmas style, beautiful cityscape, decorated Christmas tree
Original, Fake photo, Fun photo Light, Fun photo Medium, Fun photo Hard

Caricatur, man in Christmas style, very big head, small body, full body, cartoon
Caricatur, woman in Christmas style, very big head, small body, full body, cartoon
Original, Fake photo, Fun photo Light, Fun photo Medium, Fun photo Hard

man in pirate style, on a pirate ship sailing on the ocean
woman in pirate style, on a pirate ship sailing on the ocean
Original, Fake photo, Fun photo Light, Fun photo Medium, Fun photo Hard

Changelog (2024-06-04)
+ Option "Save traffic and speed up exchange (Receive 4 Mpix images instead of 16 Mpix)" (2024-05-24)
. The option "Number of photos generated from one photo" is hidden in the "Deepfake photo", "Background removal only" modes
+ Displaying the queue length on the server and the status of reservations for coins
+ Displays the average processing time for the last hour for the selected task type (2024-05-21)
- When duplicating a preset, the following options were not copied: "Beta server", "Ignore old photos", "Number of photos generated from one photo", "Use an automatic gender detector?" (2024-05-20)
+ Output additional information to the log in case of a processing error: Image error, Prompt creates nudes
! Previous versions may never return a photo in case of an error or report it (2024-05-13)
+ Ability to test beta version of AI (2024-04-27)
+ Possibility to ignore all old photos that are already in the hot folder when you turn on the preset (2024-04-26)
.  .NET 6 -> .NET 8
+ Several presets can work with one hot folder (simultaneous processing with several presets)
+ In pre-moderation, presets with one hot folder are displayed in one button
+ Saving traffic when sending photos to the server
+ Ability to generate multiple photos from one input photo (2024-04-01)
- Clicking on the header of the table with a list of folder presets disrupted the sorting
+ Ability to drag preset folders using the left mouse button (sorting using Drap&Drop) (2024-03-18)
+ Display the cost of generation (2024-03-16)
. Checking the server's ability to queue the photo before attempting to send the photo (saving traffic) (2024-03-11)
+ Possibility to use per minute billing
! With per-minute billing, it is possible to queue up to 2 simultaneous tasks (2024-03-01)
- There was a possibility of a preset import error
+ Possibility to choose: include a unique identifier in the file name with the result or keep the original name (2024-02-28)
+ .webp support
+ Writing the preset name to the prompt log (2024-02-27)
. Increased input fields in generation from text (2024-02-27)
- An archive of settings was not created during export if the file C:\ProgramData\\KSuseAITool\prompts was missing (2024-02-18)
+ Ability to sort folder presets
+ The ability to use an automatic detector of the gender and age of people in the frame
! The detector turns off if more than 3 faces are found in the foreground
! The detector turns off if the prompt contains the words: man, men, woman, women, child, children, baby (2024-02-14)
+ By default, the prompt log is displayed only for the current day
+ Ability to clear the prompt log (2024-02-05)
- When adding a folder containing a large number of photos to processing, the program interface froze for some time
- When clicking on "Clear cache" while files were being read from a folder, a crash was possible
. Presets are sorted in reverse order (newest at the top of the list)
. Increased frequency of file upload attempts
+ In the "Fan Photo" mode, a choice of style has been added: Photorealism or Painting
+ The date of record is saved in the prompt log (2024-01-28)
+ Error output in the log when it is impossible to write the received file
. The file name obtained after removing the background no contains ID now
. Increased preview sizes in moderation (2024-01-08)
. Log moved to ProgramData
+ Ability to customize the influence of the original photo and prompt in the "Fake Photo" mode (2024-01-02)
- After clearing the cache, attempts continued to obtain generation results from the text (2024-01-01)
- When the focus was in the log field, automatic rewinding did not work when adding new records
. Removed repeated notification about loss of connection from servers after a timeout expired
+ .jfif support
+ Ability to use only EU servers (GDPR)
! EU servers are much slower than other servers (2023-12-27)
+ Support for the new "Background Removal" algorithm
+ Background Removal mode supports queues
+ Sending tasks and receiving results now occurs in parallel threads (2023-12-22)
- When sent for processing from pre-moderation, the file was not processed again if it already existed in the preset’s hot folder
+ 3 gallery options for moderation: pre-moderation, post-moderation, pre- and post-moderation together
+ If the result is rejected in post-moderation and pre-moderation is enabled, the photo is re-displayed in pre-moderation (2023-12-11)
. Hot folder scanning no longer searches for files in subfolders of the specified hot folder
+ When clearing the cache, the processing queue on the server associated with your login is also cleared (except tasks that are already running)
+ Ability to automatically add a random background from a folder in the "Background removal only" mode
+ Notification about exceeding the request limit or about a ban
+ Possibility of pre- and post-moderation using a web gallery (2023-12-05)
+ Ability to customize the influence of the original photo and prompt in the "Fun Photo" mode (2023-12-04)
- A message about the unavailability of the folder for generation results from texts appeared even in the absence of tasks, if the list of past generations was not empty
- In the "Background Removal only" mode, the choice of the "Fake Photo" submode was displayed
- The result of "Background removal only" was not appended with the original file name, only the ID
- There was a crash when duplicating an active preset
- When duplicating a preset, not all parameters were copied
. There is only one Fun Photo mode for now
. Removed common parts of prompts
+ If a hot folder preset is given a name, then it is displayed in the list of presets, not the ID
+ Highlighting hot folder presets in the list
+ Auto-scrolling log
+ Ability to export prompt log to xls (2023-11-18)
. Changed settings for photo processing modes
+ Compatible with the new version of KSuse AI Cloud (2023-10-06)
. First Release (2023-10-05)
- There may have been a loop in adding the same file from a hot folder
+ Export / Import settings
+ Backup settings on the server / Restore settings from the server
+ Mode "Processing from text" (2023-10-02)
+ API for interacting with KSuse Sender (2023-09-26)
+ Ability to replace the background before generation (2023-09-22)
+ Supports "Aspect Ratio" in all modes
. Significant improvement in the generation mechanism
. Accurate cropping to the selected "Aspect Ratio"
+ "4:3", "3:4"
+ "Fake photo - Stylized" mode
+ Ability to add Prompt and Negative Prompt parts common to all presets (2023-09-19)
- When processing .heic, broken .jpg were created
+ "Avatar - Stylized" mode (2023-09-15)
. Changing output filenames
+ Ability to select aspect ratio (2023-09-14)
. Telegram client replaced with TCP exchange
+ Background removal mode (2023-09-11)
. Public Beta

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