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KSuse Sender

Free gallery with functions for printing and sending files to visitors

Key features

  • Simple and clear interface

  • Russian \ English \ Portuguese \ German interface languages

  • Ability to use the gallery from any device connected to the same local network

  • Web pages: gallery, latest video, carousel

  • Support for sending to email via mail server or Sendgrid service

  • Send queue (to prevent marking as spam and re-sending in case of errors / lack of Internet)

  • Automatic creation of gallery previews from mp4 files

  • Multiple email templates

Additional features of the PRO version

  • Using multiple email addresses for sending

  • Branding photos

  • Printing photos

  • Download from VK

  • Internet gallery with extended access rights

  • Generation of QR codes for quick access to the Internet gallery

  • Uploading files to Dropbox / Google Drive / Yandex Disk

  • Direct download of files over WiFi without using the internet

Changelog (2024-03-05) Beta
- The new active preset might not be selected
- There was a possible crash when sending emails
- The QR code of the file at the gallery might not be displayed in versions 3 and 4 web galleries
. The layout of galleries has been changed
. Sender logs are now located by default in the folder C:\ProgramData\\KSuseSender3\Logs
. SSL certificate checking is disabled
. Sender cache is now located by default in the folder C:\ProgramData\\KSuseSender3\Cache
+ Added drop-down lists for selecting dates in the date filter of the email database
+ Ability to hide the print button in the web gallery when the print limit is reached
+ A QR code for upload via Telegram
. The function of removing the background from print branding has been removed
+ Automatic background removal using KSuse Cloud
+ Generate photos using KSuse Cloud
+ Hiding HTML text editor buttons when HTML mode is enabled
. Built-in gallery removed
+ Added operator web gallery
. Files are identified by hash, not by name
. The same file sent under different names will not be automatically printed a second time
- The original photographs were always sent by email, regardless of the chosen print branding
! If print branding is enabled, a branded photo is uploaded to the cloud and sent by email
! After clearing the cache, emails with AI-processed photos cannot be resent
! Internet gallery does not work correctly
! It is strongly recommended not to use cache clearing if the event is not completed
! No backward compatibility with previous versions
! Galleries version 3 and 4 do not work (2023-12-04)
. Sender logs are now located by default in the folder C:\ProgramData\\KSuseSender\Logs
. SSL certificate checking is disabled (2023-10-22) Beta
- Missing dll in the installer
- Column headers were not displayed in the Email, SMS, WhatsApp databases
- The web gallery stopped working if quotes were used in the QR code captions (2023-10-22)
- There was a crash if you opened the drop-down list for selecting a folder on Yandex.Disk and closed it without selecting a folder
- The web gallery stopped working if quotes were used in the QR code captions (2023-09-26)
. Upload to Yandex.Disk restored3.2.0.0 (2023-10-02) Beta
. Removed support for local processing in SD
+ Support for KSuse AITool
+ Ability to request for processing using AI in the web gallery (2023-09-26)
. Upload to Yandex.Disk restored (2023-08-22) Beta
- Questionnaire data collected using local links could not be saved
- Crash when exporting profile data
- Caption to WIFi QR code was not displayed in the web gallery (2023-08-04) Beta
+ Added the ability to process photos in Stable Diffusion XL
! SD XL requires nvidia RTX 8GB graphics card
! SD XL requires a 16GB nvidia RTX graphics card to run fast
! To use SD XL, you need to sync the AI module. Weight at the moment - 5.18GB
! It is recommended that you run an AI model check before using SD XL. This procedure will download all the required models. Weight at the moment - 5.81GB
! Models are updated quite often. When starting SD XL, if the Internet is available, it always tries to update models
! The number of words in a promt is limited, you do not need to add recommended keywords to improve the quality, they are already automatically added (2023-07-27) Beta
+ New interface
+ All settings can be exported and imported
+ Adjust the size of QR codes in the gallery
+ Clearing questionnaire data
+ Uploading to
+ Ability to send via Telegram bot
. The Free version allows you to use several hot folders and several mailboxes
! No backward compatibility with previous versions
! Sending to Telegram is possible only for files uploaded to the gallery on (2023-07-15)
+ New authorization window based on Chromium (VK disabled the ability to log in through IE)
+ Support for two-factor authentication in VK and QR code login (2023-07-08)
+ At 00:00, the second date in the time filter in the email database is automatically incremented (2023-05-11)
- When using a horizontal sheet for vertical photos and a vertical sheet for horizontal photos, the proportions of the photo were distorted (bug since version (2023-04-29)
- When sending, instead of SID and Token from the WhatsApp tab, the SID and Token from the SMS tab were used
- WhatsApp send button was not displayed in web galleries (2023-04-21)
- In web galleries versions 3 and 4, when a new photo was added to the gallery while entering an email address, the new photo was sent instead of the selected one (2023-03-27)
- The "Save" button did not save photos from the gallery (2023-03-13)
- There could be a pause during video playback on the "carousel" page (2023-02-21)
- On the pages "last" and "carousel" png files were not displayed
+ .heic support (2023-02-15)
+ Ability to select the starting number of file numbering after resetting the counter (2023-02-14)
- The plate under the captions of the QR code in the web gallery was slightly wider than the QR code
+ Ability to enlarge QR codes in the web gallery (2023-02-13)
. Vertical menu changed to horizontal
+ Text stroke color in text layers
+ Ability to add a serial number of the file to the printout (2023-02-01)
. Minor changes (2023-01-18)
+ Ability to send to WhatsApp via Twilio (2023-01-15)
- The font settings for captions for QR codes in the web gallery were not applied (2023-01-09)
+ Automatic rotation when printing (taking into account the orientation of the paper in the printer) (2023-01-08)
- When changing the active preset with branding to the preset without branding, overlaid graphics could remain until the program was restarted
+ Ability to create different branding for vertical and horizontal photos
! When you rollback to a previous version, the layers in the branding will be mixed (2022-12-28)
. Increased timeout for Google Drive client from 100 to 600 seconds (2022-12-23)
- The web gallery did not display a large photo when the "Rotate photos by Exif" option was enabled (2022-12-10)
- In the "DzenTech" and "Dark" themes, there was an incorrect default background color of the QR code captions
- When sending SMS through the web gallery, it could be lost +
+ In the settings for sending SMS, you can set the default country code, which will be added instead of the first zero in the phone number
+ Phone number can be entered with spaces (2022-12-08)
- "Show video controls (web)" setting was not applied to web gallery
. The "Like" icon in the web gallery is always green
. The "Add email" field is cleared after adding an address
+ In the Web settings, you can choose to display icons or text (2022-12-07)
- Gifs were not displayed or downloaded in local links (2022-12-02)
- Video preview in web gallery was cropped even if no branding was applied (2022-12-01)
- When loading very large photos without branding, the web gallery on weak devices hung
. QR code size in web galleries is no longer set
! The QR code settings on the "last" and "carousel" pages indicate the maximum size of the area in which the QR code fits (2022-11-24)
- If there are several input fields in the web version and active sending only via SMS, the caption for the main field was not displayed
+ Ability to brand the web gallery
+ 2 additional background image layout modes
+ Added gallery version 4
+ Gallery opened via QR code is now displayed without QR codes (much easier to view on mobile devices) (2022-11-21)
- The data of the author of the post on Instagram* might not be read (2022-11-09)
. Restored work with Instagram* (2022-11-06)
- Fixed possible problems with the database with a large flow of emails (2022-10-27)
- In the built-in gallery, the send SMS button was not disabled and the number entry field disappeared if sending to e-mail was disabled (2022-10-23)
- When using links to Dropbox and Google Drive in a QR code with the "Show preview even if the link is not received" option enabled in the web gallery there could be a delay in displaying by one video
+ Added standard window frame (2022-10-14)
- Large photos did not fit in the window size on the "last" and "carousel" pages (2022-10-07)
- Custom web port setting was not applied to local links in QR codes (2022-09-22)
. No more "Error on loading : Wrong MIME" message
. Improved file format detection when replacing the extension by Instagram (2022-08-23)
. The dates associated with the license are displayed in the format dd MMMM yyyy (for example, 08 August 2022)
. Removed option "Pause before reading a file (ms)"
+ Automatic detection of the moment when it is possible to read the file (2022-08-02)
- Crash after upgrading from versions prior to if Sender was used to print from VK and the cache was not cleared before the upgrade
- There was a recurring error in the log when an empty web gallery was open (2022-07-26)
. Printout branding has been moved up a level in the "Presets" tab
+ Displaying the photo location area on the printout (2022-07-21)
- When saving a template with an empty text of the html version of email, it could not be empty, but consist of empty lines
. It is no longer necessary to fill out both versions of the text of the email (2022-07-17)
- Only SMS created on the first day of the date range specified in the SMS database was sent, the entire selected date range was not taken into account (2022-07-10)
- Print statistics were not visible in dark themes
+ Ability to change the font and font size of the QR code captions on the "last" and "carousel" pages (2022-07-07)
. Now html emails are always delivered in html format (2022-07-04)
+ In the web gallery, the QR code is displayed immediately after receiving a link from the cloud service, even if the preview was enabled without waiting for links (2022-06-28)
- A database error could occur when using QR codes of cloud services on web pages (bug since version (2022-06-27)
- In gallery version 1, the print button did not return after printing
- When opening in the web gallery, not all previews were displayed until scrolling through the carousel
- Downloading from VK did not stop immediately after turning off the option
. For photos from Instagram* and VK, the name of the author of the post is displayed instead of the file name
! Changed the parameter "Number of repeats of video with sound in the galleries". 0 - sound off, -1 - unlimited (2022-06-24)
- After restarting the Sender with the web server turned off, the web server can no longer be turned back on
- Instagram* hashtag search could open in a hidden browser even if downloading from Instagram* was turned off
. Switch design changed (2022-06-17)
- Downloading from Instagram* could stop spontaneously (2022-06-11)
- Delay when switching to a new video in the carousel
+ Ability to turn on the sound by default on the "last" and "carousel" pages (2022-06-08)
. Updated hashtag search on Instagram*
. Search by username on Instagram* is fully functional (2022-06-06)
- SMS from the built-in gallery might not be sent
- There was an extra load on the CPU when authorization in VK failed (bug since version
- After clearing the cache, unsent SMS could not find links
. Search by hashtag on Instagram* is fully functional (2022-06-04)
. Adapted hashtag search on Instagram*
+ Ability to send SMS via Twilio
+ Ability to view the password of the mailbox
+ Added field type "tel"
! Phone number entered is not checked
! Instagram* search by username is not working (2022-05-29)
+ Ability to choose whether or not to wait for the video to finish playing on the "last" page when a new video is received (2022-05-28)
- The "last" page might not switch to the last video (bug since version (2022-05-26)
. Restored text color change tool in email html editor (didn't work since version 2.7)
. Small changes in the formation of html emails (2022-05-26)
. Restored operation of the "Insert link" and "Insert image" buttons in the html email editor (didn't work since version 2.7) (2022-05-19)
- Previews for gif files were not created
+ Ability to change the port number of the embedded web server (2022-05-14)
+ Exported tables from email and SMS databases contain links to cloud services
+ Optimization of requests to VK (2022-05-12)
+ Ability to export a table of links to posts in VK and Instagram where photos were downloaded from (03/05/2022)
- Photos from Instagram* did not load beyond the first page
. Compatible with Instagram's* replacing webp files with jpeg files (28/04/2022)
+ Option "The Yandex.Disk application is used for uploading" (25/04/2022)
- Uploading to the cloud could stop when there were problems with synchronization in the Internet gallery
+ Added the ability to upload to Yandex Disk (13/04/2022)
- Incorrect display of videos with the Rotation tag in the built-in gallery
. Replaced built-in video player (28/03/2022)
+ Downloading photos from VK (21/03/2022)
+ Notice about extremist organization (20/03/2022)
+ Compatibility with dynamic lists of license servers (06/03/2022)
- Emails might not be sent via Sendrid (23/02/2022)
. Removed the link between the link in the QR code and the link in the email template
+ New auto replacement tags in email template (19/02/2022)
- Crash if you click on the "Sign in to Dropbox" button again when the previous authorization session has not ended
- Some web page settings could be applied from the currently selected preset instead of the active preset
- Webpages stopped working if you turned off the active preset, and someone had a page open for downloading videos from a local link
+ Ability to collect visitor data when downloading files via local links (08/02/2022)
- The "last" and "carousel" pages might not open if there was no active preset (bug since version (02/02/2022)
- Google Drive upload broke if KSuseSenderStorage folder had more than 100 folders
. WiFi network password hidden (01/02/2022)
. Removed "Starting time in the gallery" option (28/01/2022)
- Starting a video looped in the web gallery when auto scrolling to the last video (28/01/2022)
- The "Upload" option in "Publications" affected the display of photos in galleries
+ 4 photo branding options (20/01/2022)
- Logins and passwords from mailboxes longer than 31 characters were not supported
! The app now only sees the contents of the special app folder in Dropbox
! You need to sign in to Dropbox again
! Folders in Dropbox are now created in the Sender interface (19/01/2022)
. Minor changes (13/01/2022)
- The web gallery synchronization password was not saved (bug since
- On the "last" page, the size of the WiFi QR code was applied to the QR code of the file
+ Ability to brand "last" and "carousel" pages
! Captions for QR codes on the "last" and "carousel" pages are set in the branding of these pages
! Passwords for synchronization and access to web galleries must be entered in the settings again (10/01/2022)
+ Ability to limit the number of previews in the web gallery (21/12/2021)
- The IP address could be missing in the local link (14/12/2021)
- Video was not hidden in the built-in gallery when switching to photo (09/12/2021)
+ Ability to disable the built-in web server (07/12/2021)
- In the settings did not display captions for links in dark themes
- Svg files from the www folder were not loaded in the web gallery (02/12/2021)
. Restored compatibility with Sendgrid
! Need to replace Sendgrid API key
+ Ability to check Sendgrid settings (24/11/2021)
- There could be a problem with the recording of the license
. .NET Framework 4.8 -> .NET 6
. Program settings have been moved from %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\\KSuseSender to %programdata%\\KSuseSender
+ If sending by e-mail is enabled, then on the page opened by the QR code of a file with a local link, there is a form for sending
! Settings changed in this version will not be read by previous versions (15/11/2021)
+ Ability to resize QR codes in the web gallery (13/11/2021)
- At 00:00 the license disappeared until the program was restarted (09/11/2021)
- The option to display the QR code of the file in galleries affected the display in the carousel
. By default, the option "Show previews even if the link is not received" is enabled (07/11/2021)
. The caption to the QR code of the file did not appear on the "last" page
. White fields appeared on the "last" and "carousel" pages if there were no captions for QR codes
+ All QR codes are now displayed in the Free version
+ Ability to choose background color and background image for "last" and "carousel" pages
! In the Free version, local links work in demo mode. They always open the same file. (27/10/2021)
+ The start of an attempt to upload to the cloud is recorded in the log (22/10/2021)
- Error when trying to rewrite the license (16/10/2021)
- Test print did not work when there were no photos
- Previews were not displayed in the built-in gallery if at least one preset was created and none of them was active
+ When you create the first preset, it automatically becomes active (15/10/2021) Beta
- The built-in browser might not save cookies and sessions
- Crash when trying to create a folder on Google disk without Internet
- Branded printouts from video files could be blank
. Changed logging of synchronization with the website
. Changed the algorithm for working with Instagram
+ Flexible positioning of QR codes
+ Ability to add captions to QR codes
+ QR code to connect to WiFi (29/09/2021)
- Local link and galleries loaded branded photo even when "Original photos" was specified
+ QR codes with local links are posted on printouts (28/09/2021)
. In the web gallery, the consent text was displayed without line separators
+ Added scrollbars for consent text in the built-in gallery
+ Added a button to close the consent page in the web gallery (27/09/2021)
. Direct links replaced with a preview page (24/09/2021)
- The setting from the "last" page was applied to the "carousel" page
+ Ability to display a link to a web gallery in a QR code when choosing to use local links (22/09/2021)
- The position of the sliders for the settings of QR codes on web pages did not change when the text values were changed
+ Ability to display QR code on the "carousel" page
+ Pages "last" and "carousel" can display photos
+ Ability to set the duration of displaying photos on the "carousel" page
+ Ability to show QR codes with local links
! QR codes with local links are not posted on printouts and are not sent by email
! Gallery link has changed
! By default, the editor opens the html code of the email (18/09/2021)
- The program did not start if the built-in browser did not start
! On some computers in versions and higher, the built-in browser does not work (15/09/2021)
- The queue of emails to be sent could be sorted out of date
. Retrying attempts to send are applied to emails that were added or changed after the specified start date in the "Database" tab
+ Emails for which the "Send" button was clicked get high priority in the queue
+ Ability to add additional attachments to the email
+ Ability to ask the guest for permission to send additional attachments (10/09/2021)
- Files might not be displayed in galleries if there was no active preset
- Videos hidden from the gallery were not hidden in the carousel until the page was refreshed
. Clearing the cache has been significantly accelerated (08/09/2021)
- The web gallery could display links to Dropbox although links to Google Drive were selected
- On the printouts, a text link to the online gallery could only be added
. Automatic printing does not print files that were added to the gallery when automatic printing was turned off
+ Automatic printing compatible with QR codes on the printout (07/09/2021)
. The photo no longer appears in the gallery before uploading to the cloud if the QR code of the file is imprinted on it
+ Added the ability to upload to Google Drive (31/07/2021)
- The message "The license has expired" could appear even if the computer never had a license (29/07/2021)
+ Displaying a message in the window header if the license has expired or the hardware identifier has changed
+ Blocked selection of the active mailbox in the Free version (21/07/2021)
- All posts from Instagram were not downloaded when searching by username (15/07/2021)
+ Ability to display QR code on the page with the last video (09/07/2021)
- The last video was not always updated (03/07/2021)
+ Removing "about:" from links in html email before sending (01/07/2021)
- Occasional appearance of an error or Dropbox login window when there are no presets (26/06/2021)
+ Downloading photos from the Top Posts list (24/06/2021)
- Layer settings in branding were not saved
- QR code export button did not export folder link to Dropbox
- Only QR codes of the web gallery were used in branding
+ The choice of uploading branded or original photos applies to Dropbox too
+ Ability to enable displaying files in the web gallery without a QR code if the link is not received
+ Ability to brand printouts to video (22/06/2021)
- Files were not uploaded to Dropbox if other files with the same name already existed there
- Wrong QR code was displayed in the built-in gallery when choosing to display QR code of Dropbox folder
+ Checksum verification of file before re-uploading to Dropbox (21/06/2021)
- There is no preview in the web gallery if there is no active preset
- Not a complete list of folders in Dropbox, if there are a lot of folders/files in the root
! The folder list contains only the folders located at the root (21/06/2021)
- The slider in the web gallery might not scroll completely
- In web gallery version 3, the preview pop-up was glued to the top of the window
- In the web gallery version 3, the "Add email" button did not work
! When you open the web gallery of versions 1 and 2, the slider loads as many photos as specified in the option "Scrolling step for thumbnails in the web gallery" (20/06/2021) Beta
+ Added the ability to upload to Dropbox (02/06/2021)
. Restored the functionality of the gallery version 3 (29/05/2021)
- Requests to the update server were looped (28/05/2021)
- Values of additional fields were not exported to xls in SMS database
- The filter of dates in the SMS database was not applied
- The filename was not displayed in the SMS database (26/05/2021)
- Possible crash if previous versions were not used (bug 2.3.5.Х)
. Hide video button in built-in gallery hides video without confirmation
+ Ability to enter a phone number with a separate database
+ Ability to disable sending by email (19/05/2021)
- Emails were not sent if there were no presets (17/05/2021)
+ Ability to send emails without attachments
+ Ability to send emails with links to the Internet gallery
+ Button to add email address in web gallery (25/04/2021)
- Auto Printing only worked in preset with type "Used for printouts and galleries"
- Auto Printing did not work when the value of 0 in the "Time after which the counter is reset (minutes)" field
! Printing does not work in preset with type "Do not brand" (24/04/2021)
- Settings for outputting QR codes for printing were applied from the selected preset instead of the active one
+ Test print (23/04/2021)
- Lazy load didn't work in web gallery (20/04/2021)
- After clearing the cache, photos were re-printed with automatic printing
. In the FREE version, synchronization with the website now works, but only the last 10 files
+ Print history
+ Ability to limit the number of prints from one account for automatic printing (15/04/2021)
. Cosmetic fixes (14/04/2021)
+ Compatible with Facebook Graph API v10 (29/03/2021)
. Have accelerated transfer of large files by the built-in web server (12/03/2021)
- After updating the web page, the previews in the gallery were displayed in reverse order
. Restored the work of the web gallery version 3
. When adding files to the gallery in bulk, they are sorted by modified date
. The web gallery uses higher resolution previews
+ Ability to change the pause before auto-scrolling in the web gallery
+ Ability to select the scrolling step in the web gallery
+ Export of command to add an allow rule to Windows Firewall (06/03/2021)
. Optimized the built-in webserver
. Adjusted webpages styles (05/03/2021)
+ Compatible with iOS 14.4 (04/03/2021)
- There were no captions for photos from the multipost
. Extended support for 206 Partial Content (18/02/2021)
. Optimized the hashtag check queue (11/02/2021)
- Photos from Instagram were not downloaded after Windows 10 20H2 update (KB4601319, KB4601050) (09/02/2021)
- The web gallery was not displayed if the template for sending emails was not selected
. Correction of work with Instagram (05/02/2021)
+ New library for working with Instagram
+ Built-in Chromium-based browser
+ New logging system (29/01/2021)
- When automatic printing was enabled, photos were sent to print even if printing was disabled
- Files from Instagram were not downloaded when searching by username
- Files downloaded from Instagram could not appear in galleries
- Printing stopped before restarting the program with no active preset (26/01/2021)
. Restored compatibility with Windows 7 (incompatible since (12/01/2021)
+ Ability to test the mailbox settings (07/01/2021)
- Black dots could appear instead of the preview in the web gallery
. Changed the name of the saved images that were sent to print (avoid overwriting) (29/12/2020)
- Duplicate photos from Instagram (26/12/2020)
- Duplicating records in the database and sending emails with copies of one video
. Changed work with Instagram
. New tab "Presets" (22/12/2020)
- The filename was not displayed in the web gallery if the display of the QR code was turned off
. Removed rewind button in Gallery 3
+ Ability to disable downloads from Instagram
! It is necessary to restart the program after turning on the gallery at the second window (20/12/2020)
- Cropped image on the preview on the second screen
. Increased intervals of requests to Instagram (19/12/2020) Beta
+ Second window (Pro) (17/12/2020)
. Checking of Instagram has been accelerated (06/12/2020)
. Added one more column with the file name to the xls export, which allows finding the file after clearing the cache
. Email input field, clear button, and consent text are hidden in galleries when email is disabled (05/12/2020)
- Loading of Instagram could be interrupted until the application is restarted, if the settings are incorrect
+ Search for attached files by name using the current preset in case of clearing the cache
+ Selecting the type of files downloaded from Instagram (05/12/2020)
- Distortion of the proportions of the test photo when the proportions of the current and active presets do not match
- Photo did not move using mouse in Branding
+ Photo position is displayed even if no test photo is selected
+ Selecting photo alignment when fitting to size (03/12/2020)
. Downloads from Instagram works in Free version (01/12/2020)
- Sending error if only the address without <> was specified in the "Sender's name" field, and the login did not match the full address
- Crash when deleting a letter template, if the last letter template is used for sending
. When creating the first email template, it is automatically assigned the type "Template is used to send from Sender"
+ Prohibition to delete the letter template used for sending (14/11/2020)
- When changing the interface language, a number of fields remained in the previous language until the program was restarted
. Renaming sections
+ Ability to disable branding (29/10/2020)
- After clearing the cache, photos might not appear in the online gallery again
. When loading related photo and video, preview set from photos
+ Prevent re-loading of an already uploaded file after clearing the cache
+ Logging the progress of the uploading to the online gallery
! In branch 2.1.9, if you cleared the cache, then you will not be able to resend the emails in the database. (28/10/2020)
- The field for entering the name of the hot folder does not appear in the preset (bug since (25/10/2020)
- The "Show button" setting was not saved in the email settings of the Internet gallery
- The preview might not load on the site (23/10/2020)
- When changing the QR code display settings, the settings from the selected preset were applied, not from the active one (22/10/2020)
+ When clearing the cache, the history of pincodes is saved (18/10/2020)
. Minor fixes (16/10/2020)
+ Ability to specify sender name and email address for Sendgrid (14/10/2020)
- Didn't download Instagram photos from post without caption
- When duplicating an email template, not all fields were copied
. Email templates work in Free version too
+ Ability to hide the send by email button from the Internet gallery
+ Ability to send html emails from the Internet gallery
! New email template system
! It is necessary to replace send.php, part.php, load.php on websites (09/10/2020)
- The label about the need to fill in the fields of the letter template was not hidden
+ Ability to run third-party programs (08/10/2020)
+ Save virtual mobile phone when changing account on Instagram
+ Instagram password is encrypted in the saved session (07/10/2020)
- Incorrect tips to buttons (06/10/2020)
- Does not sync photos to site if "Print only" is selected
+ Download photos from Instagram with and without authorization (Pro)
+ Output of additional messages about synchronization to the log
! It is necessary to replace "icons" folder on websites (04/10/2020)
- After saving the preset overlay has not been updated to make actions with preset
- After deleting a preset, its configuration files remained
- There was no message about the wrong sync password
- When switching from a video with sound to a photo in the built-in gallery, the sound did not turn off
- When clearing the cache, the preview in the built-in gallery was not always updated
+ Choosing a test photo in branding (Pro)
+ Hotkeys to change the position of the test image (Pro)
+ Automatic photo printing (Pro)
+ Ability to overlay QR codes, password, pin code and gallery link on the printout (Pro)
+ Ability to upload original photos or branded photos to the Internet gallery (Pro)
! After changing the print template, you need to clear the cache
! It is necessary to replace ksuse.css on websites (02/10/2020)
- The "Delete all" button did not delete all displayed messages from the database
- Can't read QR code in DzenTech and dark themes
- The sound did not turn off when closing video viewing in the Internet gallery
- Distortion of the aspect ratio of horizontal videos when the tablet is placed vertically
+ Web gallery v3
! It is necessary to replace ksuse.js on websites
! QR codes are not displayed correctly on small screens such as the phone screen (25/09/2020)
- An unprocessed photo was sent by email, even if the "Print and Send" option in branding was selected, unless additional fields were activated
- Single gif files were not processed (24/09/2020)
- Crash when deleting images of overlay graphics
. If the choice of the number of copies is disabled, then the default value is applied.
+ The print button is hidden for 2 seconds after clicking in the built-in gallery (23/09/2020)
+ Ability to enable the selector for the number of printed copies in galleries (Pro) (22/09/2020)
- The print button was displayed when there was no active preset
- File did not appear in the gallery when re-adding to the hot folder after the display time expired
+ Ability to display in the gallery and send to email branded photos (Pro)
+ Setting the number of copies of a photo to be printed (Pro) (19/09/2020)
- The web page "last" displayed the first video, not the last
- The web page "last" does not display the video added to the gallery if the gallery was empty when this page was opened
! Latest video and carousel web pages only work with video files (18/09/2020)
- Web gallery crash in the absence of branding presets (17/09/2020)
- Crash in the absence of presets (17/09/2020)
+ Displaying a link to the gallery, gallery password and file pin code in the web gallery (Pro)
+ Autoscale QR code in web gallery (Pro)
+ Confirmation request to continue synchronizing the Internet gallery when restarting the program (Pro) (15/09/2020) Beta
- Locking files with overlay graphics
- The title of the current slide in the web gallery did not change when swiping
- Hot keys Ctrl + H, Ctrl + D worked when focusing not on all elements in the built-in gallery
- The active preset was not automatically setted after restarting the program
- The changes were not applied until restarting the program or saving the global settings when changing the list of hot folders in a preset
- Thumbnails for photos and videos have different sizes
- Previews for vertical photos are large
- Photos and videos with the same name from the same hot folder were not linked
+ Online gallery (Pro)
+ Ability to disable mailboxes in the sending settings (Pro) (26/08/2020)
+ Ability to mute sound in the built-in gallery
+ Ability to pause video or mute sound after specified number of replays in galleries (24/07/2020)
- Web pages with carousel and the last video did not work (branch 2.0 bug) (19/07/2020)
- Generation of additional test previews
+ Display a list of mail domains in a tooltip (22/05/2020)
. Release Beta (17/05/2020)
- Crash when deleting files in hot folders
- After deleting files in hot folders, they did not disappear in the web gallery
- The built-in gallery spontaneously scrolled and created an excessive load
+ Ability to display button for saving in the web gallery Beta (10/03/2020)
+ Ability to hide photos and videos from galleries (Pro)
+ Ability to give visitors the right to hide photos and videos through the web gallery (Pro) Beta (06/03/2020)
+ Two versions: Free, Pro
+ Ability to use multiple mailboxes (Pro)
+ Branding of photos (Pro)
+ Printing of photos (Pro)
+ Individual hot folders for presets (Pro)
! Version 2.0 is not compatible with 1.x
- If the path to previews is not specified, then they are created in the folder in which the program is installed
- Crash when scrolling through an empty gallery (hot keys Page Up, Page Down)
+ Scrolling the built-in gallery with up and down arrows
+ Another more bigger size of previews in the web gallery
. Removed the ability to connect to the DF server (single gallery)
+ Additional sorting of the preview by name in case of coincidence of the date of change
+ Ability to enable auto-rotation by EXIF
. Correction of themes
+ Video on the pages "last video" and "carousel" is played without controls and pauses when rewinding
+ When saving settings, display selection is recorded
+ Ability to enable the display of controls on the pages "last video" and "carousel"
- Crash when entering the name of a nonexistent disk in the path to the Debug folder
. Correction of dictionaries
. Restored compatibility with Windows 7 x64
- New parameters of additional fields after saving were not applied until reloading or saving the template
- When disabling the display of the additional field, the check mark of the mandatory filling in was not disabled automatically
+ Support of autocomplete in Chrome on Android and Windows
+ Ability to select the type of field with an email address (different virtual keyboards, validation, auto-complete)
+ In the web gallery addresses can be entered separated by space
+ Html5 validation of the email input field
+ Ability to rename additional input fields
+ Ability to make additional input fields required
+ If the consent text is not filled out, then the link is inactive
. Changed the scheme of work with licensing servers
- Limit of 96 hours on the maximum age of photos in the gallery
- Icon "Like" appeared at the message that the user did not consent to the processing of personal data in the web gallery
- The consent checkbox was not reset after sending
+ Ability to automatically erase email address when sending
+ Ability to block autofill
! If you roll back to previous versions, you will have to make the mail settings again
- Does not send several types of attachments in one letter ( -
- .png and .jpeg were not added to the attachments, only .jpg
- Adding extra lines to the database when trying to send to the address with a comma at the end, for example,
- Only mp4 file names were displayed in the built-in gallery
+ Mixed gallery (For example, only photos without video and vice versa)
! Empty addresses are no longer added to the database
- Case sensitivity ( -
+ Display in the tab "Database" statistics of sending for the selected period
- Freezing interface when generating a large number of previews
+ Additional verification of video files before uploading to the gallery
. Reduced inactivity time in the web gallery from 120 to 60 seconds. If there is no action on the page for more than 60 seconds, then when a new video arrives, it automatically rewinds to it.
+ Ability to hide video in a web gallery after N seconds
+ Ability to set a pause between file detection and processing (to exclude the addition of temporary files)
+ Ability to set the number of video repeats in the web carousel
+ Page with the last video
+ Support mov
! Browsers on most devices only play mov with the h264 codec
- The web gallery did not display gifs
- A plate with previously entered addresses was not hidden when clicking on the "Send" button in the built-in gallery
. The color of the address list and the choice of the template for sending letters in dark themes has been fixed
- Error in the layout of the web gallery
+ Rotate images using EXIF in the built-in gallery and web gallery
. Symbols other than English are displayed correctly in the web gallery in the file name
+ Ability to turn on additional fields for input
+ Ability to make labels on photos from the entered data
+ Buttons for deleting emails
+ Button to delete all emails in the selected interval
+ Ability to change the time interval (in hours) of creating or changing of files to display in the gallery
. Fixed player style in web-carousel
+ Ability to limit the output to the gallery only from a certain date, time
+ Option to enable re-sending messages with the status "Error"
. Mail settings are applied immediately after saving without restarting the program
. Restored re-sending messages with the status "Error"
+ German
- Crash when you try to send when an error in the database
- Crash when incorrectly record in the configuration file
- Crash when exporting the database if the file was locked for writing
- Crash if the temporary file already exists and is locked
. Sending letters with an empty address is also entered into the database for the possibility of further address correction and resending
+ Ability to select the monitor to display the window
+ Saving the full response of the mail server in the database
+ Button to resend all emails in the selected date interval
+ Letter template collection
+ In the database, you can correct email and template number
+ New web gallery
+ Automatic rewind to the last video if there was no user activity for more than 120 seconds
! Do not delete the letter template if there are any letters in the database created with this template that will need to be sent
! It is strongly recommended not to downgrade, as the base format is incompatible with older versions
- When exiting full-screen mode, the window could be larger than the screen resolution
+ Ability to change the width of columns in the "Database" tab

+ Ability to exit full screen mode
+ Ability to enable automatic rewind to the last frame in the gallery
+ Configure timeout smtp session

- Сrash on web socket error

. Increased file transfer stability by web-server
+ Digital signature of exe and msi
+ Active link to download updates

+ Png support
+ Autogenerate previews for photos

- Added languages are not displayed in the interface

- Errors in the database when sending from the interface other than English or Russian
+ Automatic re-sending emails that were sending when the program was turned off

- The send button did not always appear in the web gallery

. Minor fixes

- Sending a preview instead of a full-size photo in the attachment to the letter
. Type of field to enter email in the web gallery
+ Sending by push key Enter in the built-in and web galleries
! In Firefox, when you select an email address from the drop-down list, the submit button does not appear
! Webgallery not working in Edge

- The program does not start without lang.txt

+ Web carousel

+ Portuguese
+ Ability to add your own interface language
+ Two themes: light and dark

. .NET 4.7 -> 4.7.2
. FFmpeg updated
+ Preventing reproduction of ffmpeg processes in the absence of access rights

- Export / import letter template bug

. Replaced icons in the built-in gallery
+ meta tag to put gallery on iPad in presentation mode

- 16:9 video slides down with full-screen
. Returned text message when sending
+ Check for updates

+ New icons in web gallery
+ Checks before generating preview video blocking by other processes

. Sorting changes
+ Assigning  creation date of video to the preview

. Files that are loaded from the folder are matched by time, in reverse order.
+ Compatible web gallery with spaces in file names

. x86 -> x64
+ Create previews from mp4

- Crash when video is not available
- Crash when re-sending a letter without attachment
- Require admin rights at startup
- Lock files with preview gallery
. Correct display of the video after its creation
+ New design
+ Rewind button to the last photo

. Autoscroll disabled in web gallery

- Error when losing access to specified folders
- The inability to select a new value of settings in the drop-down lists in "Settings - Basic" with a constant flow of messages in the log
. When creating the gallery, the creation time and the file modification time are also taken into account.
. Changed the scrolling mode in the web gallery
. Optimized the built-in gallery
+ Choosing large or small pictures in the web gallery
+ Added path in the folder with previews.

+ Export and import letter template
+ New network communication protocol
+ Changed the color of the switches to Off

Base hotfix

. Sending letters with two versions of the text (Plain and Html)
. New version of the layout
+ Displaying version number
+ Connecting to the Dragonfly server
+ Displaying web gallery addresses in Settings - Submit

- Jamming of the dispatch queue on one letter (prohibited characters in the address)
+ WYSIWYG editor for the text of letters
+ Sending HTML letters
+ Corrected deletion of rows from the database (delete selected rows with the Delete key)

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